For over 25 years, the worldwide biggest photographic studios or equipment rental companies have replaced their original flash tubes with the Phoxene Lumix ones.

Broncolor : A comprehensive range of items

Phoxene has developed a broad range covering most of the Broncolor flash sets, the Swiss firm Broncolor being since 1953 a major player in the business of high-end studio photographic flashes. Phoxene proposes items compatible with almost all Broncolor flash sets from the BC1, released in 1953, to the last Scoro packs, including Pulso packs, Grafit packs, Verso packs, or the famous Universal blue metal heads.
Bron also left its mark on the flash business by introducing the first monolight heads, in 1968 and Phoxene compatible items are also available for Broncolor C171, Impact heads, Minipuls and Minicom series, or Visatec heads. From the most famous tube for Pulso G head to the more confidential flashtube for Sunlite kits, Phoxene can provide a full solution for maintenance of this brand.
Phoxene designed a range of flash tubes, domes, reflectors, honeycomb grids, and even modeling lamps, compatible with most of Broncolor heads.
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Flashtubes designed to match Broncolor ’s items

Developing items for such a high-end brand does not allow errors – All our products match the quality of original items, and are designed to behave like the original ones. Phoxene even developed new functionalities, such as our metal rim placed at the base of the domes for most Broncolor heads, protecting this part of the dome from breakage.
The range of products Phoxene offers is developed and designed by our own team then manufactured by carefully chosen companies. We aim at offering the best consumer satisfaction in terms of quality & price. Phoxene only works with long established reputable companies to produce premium quality tubes. Once manufactured, Phoxene mounts the tubes to connectors if necessary, and then test each one individually.