Broncolor Visatec Solo / Logos

Flashtubes for Broncolor Visatec heads

Bron elektronik, manufacturer of Broncolor gear, also produced since 1994 a range of flash heads with fewer settings, and a reduced price, under the name Visatec.

Two ranges of flash heads have been produced by Visatec:
– Solo heads were rated from 130J (solo 400B) to 1200J (Solo 3200B)
– Logos heads were rated from 300Ws (Logos 800) to 600J (Logos 1600)

Flashtubes for both ranges (solo and logos) are the same – except for the specific flashtube for Solo 3200B heads). Our flashtube #291 will fit Visatec Solo 400B, Solo 800B, Solo 1600B, Logos 800 and Logos 1600 heads, whereas our flashtube #996U will fit Solo 3200B heads.

Improve your flash head with Phoxene items

Phoxene aims at offering the highest standards of quality and our items are at least as good as original ones. Our flashtubes for Broncolor Visatec Solo and Broncolor Visatec Logos heads are made of Pyrex, for the longest expected lifespan possible. All Phoxene flashtubes are tested before being sent to our customers.