Profoto Compact 300 / CompactPlus 600

Compact heads are one of the best way to get a reliable and effective source of light for outdoor photography. Profoto Compact heads, in 300 or 600 Ws versions, raised the standards, and can still be found in many photo studios worldwide.

Quartz Flashtubes for Profoto Compact heads

Phoxene can supply you with flashtubes and domes compatible with these Profoto heads. Our flashtubes are made of Quartz, for the best lifespan possible, even under heavy-duty charges.

Our flashtubes for Profoto Compact 300 and Compact 600 heads can be supplied clear (no color-correction) or coated (Yellow coating, for a color temperature around 5500°K).

Improve your flash head with Phoxene items

Phoxene aims at offering the highest standards of quality and our items are at least as good as original ones. We even improved the design of some of our items; for example, our domes for Profoto Compact heads are quite taller – a few millimeters more, allowing a better insertion of the dome!

A comprehensive range of items for your Profoto Compact head

Along with flashtubes, Phoxene also offers domes, reflectors and modeling lamps for your Profoto flash head. Thus, you can get most of your consumable parts from us! Our domes can be coated or not coated, Frosted or not… at your convenience.