Profoto D1

The Profoto D1 unit

The Profoto D1 unit is available in 250, 500 and 1000 Ws versions, all with integrated Profoto Air functionality. The 250 and 500 Ws versions are also available without Profoto Air. The unit is fully digital, to ensure a consistency in flash-to-flash color temperature and flash energy. The dual mode SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) charging technology ensures the flash-to-flash precision. The 7 f-stop power range gives all the power the demanding photographer needs for creative freedom, to shoot with high speed and full open lens.

The built-in reflector gives you full control, minimal stray light and maximal light output. It is designed for use with soft boxes and umbrellas and for use with or without additional reflectors.

Short flash duration gives images a crisp feel and the fast recycling time means that you never have to wait for the flash. You will always get the image quality you want. All this in a package that offers 1/10 f-stop control, giving you the confidence that the images will be exactly as you want them.

As a professional photographer, you have your own special style and needs. Profoto’s extensive Light Shaping Tools system fits perfectly with the D1, enabling you to shape the light your own way.

Flash tubes for Profoto D1 heads

For more than 30 years, Phoxene has been supplying the biggest photo studios worldwide with flash tubes, domes and accessories for their flash heads. You can now order your flash tubes for Profoto D1 heads from Phoxene

Profoto is a famous brand of flash units founded in 1968 in Stockholm, Sweden. Over the years they have developed a full range of equipment able to comply with the demand of photographers for rugged and consistent flash units for heavy-duty use. Their range includes power packs with separate flash heads, compact units, as well as many light-shaping accessories.

Improve your flash head with Phoxene items

Phoxene aims at offering the highest standards of quality and our items are at least as good as original ones. Our flashtubes for Profoto D1 heads are made of Quartz, for the longest expected lifespan possible. All Phoxene flashtubes are tested before being sent to our customers.

Along with flashtubes, Phoxene can also supply you with domes for profoto D1 heads

Compatible and quality items

Our Profoto D1 items are fully compatible with the original heads. The light emitted by our flash tubes is the same (in terms of color temperature and power output) as that emitted by the original tubes; similarly, the electrical features are identical. The effect on your generator is therefore similar to that of a tube of the original brand.
Most of our products are “made in France”, and special attention is paid to their quality. Our customers plebiscite our articles, and give up the original articles, privileging ours.