Profoto StripLight / StillLight

Flashtubes for Profoto StripLight and Profoto StripLight heads

When a strong and even light is required, the solution often comes from using a light box.

Profoto Still light is a very good flash head for lighting glossy items, such as metal or glass products, and allow high energy flashes at rapid repetition rate.

StripLight are used for getting a long and well-defined light.

Both Profoto StripLight and Profoto StillLight use the same flashtubes

Phoxene can supply you with flashtubes compatible with these Profoto StripLight and StillLight heads. Our flashtubes are made of Quartz, for the best lifespan possible, even under heavy-duty charges.

Our flashtubes for Profoto StripLight and Profoto StillLight heads can be supplied clear (no color-correction) or coated (Yellow coating, for a color temperature around 5500°K).

Improve your flash head with Phoxene items

Phoxene aims at offering the highest standards of quality and our items are at least as good as original ones. These flashtubes are not made to be user-replaceable by the original manufacturer, and you’ll need a few tools to replace your flash tubes – But don’t worry the procedure is not so hard.