Xenon Flash Tube for studio flash gear

A complete range of consumables for studio flashes

flash tube dome phoxene

Since 1988, Phoxene (formerly Lumix) has been designing and marketing xenon flash tubes compatible with the leading brands of flash units: Broncolor, Profoto, Briese, Bowens …
Phoxene offers a wide range of items compatible with your studio flashes. Whether it’s your Broncolor Pulso heads, your Profoto ProHeads heads, or even your old Bowens or Multiblitz heads models, you’ll certainly find a xenon flash tube compatible with your flash gear.

And if your head is not referenced in our site, contact us; We will certainly find a compatible flash tube.

All items displayed on our website are made by Phoxene, and are not original products. Brand-names mentioned in our website are trademarks of their respective companies.None of them are affiliated with Phoxene in any way, nor do they endorse Phoxene products. When Phoxene offers compatible parts, the word “compatible” means that Phoxene parts will work with the mentioned equipment.

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