Xenon Flash Tube for studio flash gear

A complete range of consumables for studio flashes

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Since 1988, Phoxene (formerly Lumix) has been designing and marketing xenon flash tubes compatible with the leading brands of flash units: Broncolor, Profoto, Briese, Bowens …
Phoxene offers a wide range of items for your studio flashes. Whether it’s your Broncolor Pulso heads, your Profoto ProHeads heads, or even your old Bowens or Multiblitz heads models, you’ll certainly find a xenon flash tube for your flash gear.

And if your head is not referenced in our site, contact us; We will certainly find a compatible flash tube.

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Compatible and quality items

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Our items are fully compatible with the original heads. The light emitted by our flash tubes is the same (in terms of color temperature and power output) as that emitted by the original tubes; similarly, the electrical features are identical. The effect on your generator is therefore similar to that of a tube of the original brand. Most of our products are "made in France", and special attention is paid to their quality. Our customers plebiscite our articles, and give up the original articles, privileging ours.

An international notoriety

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We are used to dealing with requests from all continents ; Over 75% of our sales are international, mainly towards the United States, Germany, England, but also China, Australia, South Africa ... We pay particular attention to the packaging of products, and mainly ship by UPS.

A reseller network in development

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Whether in the United States or Germany, China or Chile, Phoxene works with a network of local dealers offering our flash tubes or protection domes. If you want to know the nearest dealer, go to the retailers list.

Similarly, if you want to resell our products or establish a repair center in your country, we will be keen to provide our reseller / repairer price list, please contact us.

Full Satisfaction Program

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The range of products Lumix offers are developed and designed by our own team then manufactured by carefully chosen companies. Willing to guarantee the best user experience, Phoxene offers a 30-day money back guarantee on the items which would not fulfill your requirements.

If you want to know more about the terms of the refund offer, go to the Full Satisfaction Program page.