Items for Briese heads Still arc lamp

Briese is renowned for its awesome range of reflectors – often seen as the best reflectors for cinema and photography in the market. Briese also produces still light sources for these reflectors, be it in arc lamp or Tungsten versions. Phoxene developed a service for Briese arc lamp 2.5 kW or 4 kW heads.

Briese arc lamp T4 heads raised the standards of still light quality

As still light, arc lamps light used to be the favored choice for video shooters. Nevertheless, some photographers love the quality of light of these arc lamp heads, and choose to light their scene with this technology.

Briese arc lamp heads can be found at several powers, but rental station often offer 2,5 and 4 kW versions. Combined with a ballast and a focus reflector, the light that can be obtained is one of the best you can find on the market.

Briese still arc lamp heads are made of the head core, a arc lamp, and a specific dome mounted on metal rim, with a metal protective grid at its top.

Have your Briese arc lamp dome repaired by Phoxene

Of course, domes in glass don’t endure violent shocks. Many of these glass dome break because the head falls, or during transport. Due to the heat emitted by arc lamps, protective dome can also break because of internal tensions inside the glass.

When a dome breaks, Phoxene can replace it by a Phoxene glass. You just need to send us the metal parts, and we will glue a brand new one. The glue is heat resistant, and our domes have a special treatment able to withstand the heat generated by arc lamps, even at 4000W!