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PHOXENE flashtubes and domes compatible with Multiblitz heads

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Multiblitz closed in August 2017, leaving many photographers worlwide looking for flashtubes for their flash heads.

Phoxene: A comprehensive range of items compatible with Multiblitz

Phoxene has developed a broad range of flashtubes compatible with most of Multiblitz flash sets. Phoxene proposes items compatible with almost all Multiblitz flash sets from the oldest Profilite heads, to the most recent Variolite heads.

Flashtubes designed to match items

Developing items for such a famous brand does not allow errors – All our products match the quality of original items, and are designed to behave like the original ones.

The range of products Phoxene offers is developed and designed by our own team then manufactured by carefully chosen companies. We aim at offering the best consumer satisfaction in terms of quality & price. Phoxene only works with long established reputable companies to produce premium quality tubes. Once manufactured, Phoxene mounts the tubes to connectors if necessary, and then test each one individually.