Items for Briese heads B6

Briese is renowned for its awesome range of reflectors – often seen as the best reflectors for cinema and photography in the market. It also produces a flash head dedicated to these reflectors – the B6 head. The specificity of this B6 head sits in the fact that it can be supplied by a Briese, a Profoto or a Broncolor generator, depending on the option chosen.

A flashtube specifically designed for Briese B6 heads

Phoxene developed a flashtube mounted on a 5-pins ceramic socket, and protected by a color-corrected glass dome, compatible with Briese B6 heads. This flashtube can withstand up to 3200Ws, but also triggers reliably at low energy settings. Of course, this item also includes a socket for any G6.35 modeling lamp, up to 1000W. We worked hard on the expected lifespan of this flashtube, and many users see it as a cost-effective way to upgrade their gear.

For these reasons, many rental shops now use Phoxene flashtubes for servicing their flash heads.

A flashtube compatible with any Broncolor or Profoto generator

Of course, Phoxene’ flashtube for Briese B6 heads can be fed by a Briese “yellow cube” generator. Briese also offers B6 heads wired for Broncolor or Profoto generators. Our flashtube for Briese B6 heads is raising the bar in terms of compatibility, since it can reliably be supplied by any Briese, Profoto or Broncolor generator up to 3200Ws per shot. This flashtube can withstand the fast sequences made by Broncolor Scoro packs. It can also withstand the very fast flashes that can be triggered by Pro10 packs!