Broncolor C70 / C171

Flashtubes for Broncolor C70 and C171 heads

For more than 30 years, Phoxene has been supplying the biggest photo studios worldwide with flashtubes, domes and accessories for their flash heads.

First compact head made by Broncolor, the C171 flash head could produce 375Ws flash shots, with a focussable light source. It has been produced between 1975 and 1986.

The same Phoxene flash tube can be used in Broncolor C70 compact heads. This flash head has been produced since 1976 till 1983.

Though the fact that these heads are quite old, many photographers still use C70 and C171 heads, and love their reliability and their easiness.

Improve your flash head with Phoxene items

Phoxene aims at offering the highest standards of quality and our items are at least as good as original ones. Our flashtubes for C70 and C171 heads are made of Quartz, for the longest expected lifespan possible. All Phoxene flashtubes are tested before being sent to our customers.