Profoto: For over 25 years, the worldwide biggest photographic studios or equipment rental companies have replaced their original flash tubes with Phoxene Lumix ones.

Profoto: A comprehensive range of items

profoto flash tube

Amongst all premium brands of studio flash sets, Sweden Profoto built a reputation of highly technical flash gear able to trigger high energy flashes in a very limited time. Phoxene developped a range of items able to match the specific features of this flash brand.

From old Pro3 heads to recent Pro10, Phoxene offers a comprehensive range of items for maintenance. Our range of items even includes flash tubes for technical flash heads such as MultiSpot, FresnelSpot, RingFlash (1st and 2nd generation) and even ZoomSpot heads.

Of course, Phoxene also designed flash tubes for Profoto compact heads such as Compact 600, B1 or D1 heads.

Photographers can also order domes for Profoto heads from Phoxene, be it clear of color-corrected ones, frosted or not ; By the way, we increased the height of our domes, to ease inserting and removing them from the flash head ; The distance between the top of the dome and the modeling lamp / flash tube is increased, to reduce the heating (and thus darkening) of the dome.

Since 2016, Phoxene also offers reflectors, HMI lamps, and even metal protection cap for most of heads.

Browse our on-line catalog dedicated to Profoto compatible items and ask for a free quotation.

Flash Tubes designed to match Profoto’s items

profoto dome

Developing items for such a high-end brand does not allow errors – All our products match the quality of original items, and are designed to behave like the original ones.

The range of products Phoxene offers is developed and designed by our own team then manufactured by carefully chosen companies. We aim at offering the best consumer satisfaction in terms of quality & price. Phoxene only works with long established reputable companies to produce premium quality tubes. Once manufactured, Phoxene mounts the tubes to connectors if necessary, and then test each one individually.

Phoxene: A complete range of consumables for studio flashes

profoto flash tubes

Since 1988, Phoxene (formerly Lumix) has been designing and marketing flash tubes compatible with the leading brands of flash units: Broncolor, Profoto, Briese, Bowens …
Phoxene offers a wide range of items for your studio flashes. Whether it’s your Broncolor Pulso heads, your Profoto ProHeads heads, or even your old Bowens or Multiblitz heads models, you’ll certainly find a flash tube for your flash gear.

And if your head is not referenced in our site, contact us; We will certainly find a compatible flash tube.

Phoxene is a team of experts dedicated to xenon flash and photo flash tubes. Whether you seek for technical or commercial information on our current product offer or you want to address new needs, our team will be keen to help you.

Compatible and quality items

profoto flash tube proring

Our Profoto items are fully compatible with the original heads. The light emitted by our flash tubes is the same (in terms of color temperature and power output) as that emitted by the original tubes; similarly, the electrical features are identical. The effect on your generator is therefore similar to that of a tube of the original brand.
Most of our products are “made in France”, and special attention is paid to their quality. Our customers plebiscite our articles, and give up the original articles, privileging ours.

Some Phoxene products for Profoto