Phoxene Flashtube for Profoto ProTwin

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Phoxene Flashtube for Profoto ProTwin – Compatible Flashtube for Profoto ProTwin – Equivalent to Profoto 101532

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For more than 30 years, Phoxene has been supplying the biggest photo studios worldwide with flashtubes, domes and accessories for their flash heads.

Flashtube for Profoto Twin head

ProTwin heads are quite renowned in photo studios, essentially because they allow twice the energy of a standard proHead, from a well focused area. Two U-shaped flashtubes are plugged on each flash head. Each flashtube can be replaced individually.

Phoxene flashtube #798U is fully compatible with Profoto ProTwin heads. This flashtube can withstand up to 2400Ws per flash, and can reliably trigger at the lowest power settings.

This flashtube is clear. It is not yellow-coated, and the emitted color temperature is around 6000°K. It is equivalent to Profoto flashtube #101532.

Improve your flash head with Phoxene items

Phoxene flashtubes for Profoto ProTwin heads are made of Quartz, for a better expected lifespan. They are mounted on two 4mm spring connectors, and the trigger pulse is transmitted through a metal band placed between the legs of the flashtube.

All Phoxene flashtubes are tested before packing.