Phoxene Dome for Briese

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Domes in glass don’t tolerate violent shocks. Many of these glass dome break because the head falls, or during transport. Due to the heat emitted by still arc lamps, protective dome can also break because of internal tensions inside the glass.

Have your Briese arc lamp dome repaired by Phoxene

When a Briese arc lamp dome breaks, Phoxene can replace it by a Phoxene glass. You just need to send us the original metal parts (the metal rim, and the top protective grid) and we will glue a glass cylinder on it. This is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to buying a new one. Please take care that the metal parts are in good conditions – We can’t supply you with any, and can’t repair them if deteriorated.

Repair with high quality components

The cylinder we use is made of Pyrex, and has been treated to be heat resistant. Thus, it will be less likely to break because of internal tensions due to the heat generated by the arc lamp.

The cylinder is color-corrected, to get a light output close to 5500°K.

The glue is a special white silicon mastic, able to withstand up to 1000°C before deteriorating – Far over the temperature generated by the arclamp!


1.2/2.5kW, 4kW